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Welcome to Crossfit Testament

Saline County’s premier fitness facility! Here at CrossFit Testament, we pride ourselves on being able to work with people from all walks of life, all age ranges, and all ability levels.  We have athletes ranging from 14 to 70!  We also train those who are brand new to the world of fitness, all the way up to ex-collegiate athletes.

Our facility is family-friendly, featuring a lounge and a Kid’s Room.  It is also very well outfitted, allowing us to serve you best!

The most important goal of CrossFit Testament is to positively impact the lives of everyone that we come into contact with mentally, physically, and spiritually.  We have created a safe, friendly, and fun environment for individuals of all demographics.

Our mission at CrossFit Testament is to train individuals in GPP (General Physical Preparedness) by utilizing CrossFit’s prescription of Constantly Varied, High-Intensity Functional Movements with sound nutrition principles, individualizing (Scaling) the training to each client’s level.

Our motto of Faith-Family-Fitness rings true.  It is our belief that to be physically strong you have to be mentally strong and to be mentally strong you have to be spiritually strong.

We coach form and position first and foremost.  We are very detailed in our approach to teaching proper form and technique to greatly reduce the chance of injury and greatly increase strength progression.

CrossFit Testament is family-oriented and strives to have the whole family participating with us.  Families that work out together are happier and healthier!

If you are new to CrossFit Testament, the first step is to come in and talk with one of our Coaches.  We will listen to your goals and help you chart a path toward achieving that goal.  As always, the first week is free so that you can feel it out.  We are more than sure that you will love the environment and see how tight-knit our CrossFit Testament community is.

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The Facility

  • 12,000 Sq Ft 
  • Instructors
    • Owner/CrossFit Instructor- Joshua Wheeler
    • Owner/CrossFit Instructor- Greg Davidson
    • Head CrossFit Instructor/Programmer- Joshua Peabody
    • CrossFit Instructor- Spring Hill
    • CrossFit Instructor- Sarah Wheeler
    • CrossFit Instructor- Amber Davidson
    • CrossFit Instructor- Cheyenne Phillips
    • CrossFit Instructor- David Erwin
    • CrossFit Instructor- Jake Wright
    • Bootcamp Instructor- Amanda Wright
  • Equipment

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